Our ultimate dream was always to have our own winery, and in 2020 we realized this dream by launching Curves & Edges.

The journey continues for us everyday, please join us in our wine adventure.

Todd & Lindsey

Curves & Edges believes that everyone and everything have balance of pure beauty and edgy intrigue. A partnership between Todd & Lindsey Kohn, some say they themselves are Curves & Edges.

Lindsey started her career in Fort Worth, TX where she realized her love of wine and entrepreneurship. After formal training to become a certified Sommelier, she took the big leap of faith to start her own wine bar, WineHaus. Lindsey tirelessly built her business from the ground up, even living in an apartment above the business. After 8 years of experiencing the joys and heartaches of operating a small business, a handsome California Winemaker walked in the door for a tasting.


Todd followed his passion for winemaking while enrolled in the UC Davis Viticulture & Enology program. During his time at Davis, he trained through summer internships where his dream was born, to produce and sell his own wines. A journey through viticulture and winemaking in Australia and California’s Napa and Sonoma counties, eventually lead him to achieve a role as Winemaker in Sonoma County. This role requires traveling to promote the wines, which took Todd to the town of Fort Worth, and a small wine bar called WineHaus.

As they say the rest is history. The future was set for them to make wine in Sonoma County, it was just a matter of time.